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Work, Live and Grow

How We Work

We strive to maintain an environment where every employee feels valued, supported and able to meet their full potential. That goal is at the heart  of our commitment to inclusion, development and engagement, and corporate social responsibility. As a State Street employee, you’ll have tools to help balance your professional and personal life, paid volunteer days, and access to employee networks that help you stay connected to what matters to you. 

Flex Work

To help employees better meet the challenges of balancing work responsibilities with family and personal demands, we offer a range of flexible work options. Depending on your location, you may be able to take advantage of remote location work, compressed schedules or job sharing. 

Inclusion and Diversity


Inclusion and diversity is about working to bring the right people to the table so that we can have the best outcomes for ourselves, for our clients, and our community. We want everyone to feel that they can add value to the fabric of what we’re trying to do.

Paul Francisco
Chief Diversity Officer and
Head of Workforce Development Programs

Employee Networks and Corporate Citizenship

With our Global Inclusion program, we work to make you feel engaged and valued by recognizing and applying your unique talents. You will be able to join one of our employee networks united around a common goal, seeking to help shape our future with their unique perspectives. These networks create volunteer, career development and cultural opportunities aligned with members’ goals and interests.
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​​​​​​How We Grow

At State Street, you’ll be able to quickly find targeted learning opportunities that meet your personal skill and career development needs, provided by a combination of internal learning professionals, subject matter experts and industry-leading external content providers. By investing in our employees, we’re investing in the future of our business.

State Street Learning

Whether you’re looking to build technical expertise, business
or soft skills, or leadership training, you’ll find a wealth of resources
including instructor led training, online courses, videos, articles
and other resources. Capital Markets? Design Thinking?
Effective leadership? Take your pick.

Internal Mobility

We have developed multiple tools and programs that help you
keep learning. These include job shadowing (short term),
​​​​​​​job rotation (long term), coaching and mentoring.

Development Programs 

Depending on your level of experience and area of expertise,
you might also be able to participate in one of our development programs.
For experienced employees, we offer a Leadership Development Program to help
develop new skills, gain broader practical working experience
and advance your career.