Interview preparation

We’re excited that you are interested in a career at State Street. 
Are you just planning to apply or is your interview already scheduled?  
Here’s some hints and tips to help you prepare for your interview.

Skills & role specific knowledge

We will  be asking about your general skills, role specific knowledge and related experience:
  • Make sure you understand  the terminology and tasks detailed in the job description. For example if you are applying for a financial role, prepare yourself to share your knowledge and experience related to the role.
  • You can also expect questions about your general skills such as: analytical thinking, communication skills, planning and organizational skills. 
  • Think about  your digital skills and provide examples of using popular applications to analyze data, create presentations. Perhaps you have worked with some more business specific programs that help manage projects or visualize data? Let the interviewer know about it.
  • For roles that require knowledge of foreign language you may expect the interview will check your language skills.

Let's get started

Here are some tips how to prepare to some of the most common interview questions.
Tell us about you
 This is often the first question we will ask you. We want to hear about you and why you want to work with us so this is your opportunity to give us a short introduction to who you are.  Take this opportunity to sell us your skills and what motivates you as a person.

How to prepare your answer

Be prepared to talk for 1-2 minutes about what drives you – why did you choose this career path? What are your strengths and achievements? What is your current role? What are your goals?
Your motivation to join us
We will ask you to describe your motivation: the main reasons why you have applied and why you think you would be an ideal fit. We can also ask about your understanding of the role and motivation to perform these tasks. 

How to prepare your answer

  • Let us know what inspired you to apply: Was it something you read about State Street?  Were you always passionate about finance? Maybe you were referred by a friend? 
  • Read the job description of the role you applied to. Are you into data, passionate about capital markets or maybe looking to become a people manager? Ask yourself which tasks from the list match your experience and make you smile.
Competency Based Behavioral Questions

You might be given a scenario, where you need to give your real life experiences:
When was the last time you had to solve a difficult problem? How do you prioritize your work to deliver to deadlines?
Have you ever lead/joined a project? Was it successful?

How to prepare your answer

You may want to follow STAR model: Situation – Task – Action – Result to answer the competency based behavioral questions. Search for STAR examples on the internet.

Our values drive us. What drives you?


​​​​​​​Championing Strong Communities and Values

We are championing strong communities and values - our values guide how we conduct our business, develop our workforce and care for our communities.

Kathy Horgan
Chief Human Resources and Citizenship Officer

 Here are the values that guide us, how do they apply to your goals and experience?

Trust is our greatest asset

We are responsible for data and assets worth billions of dollars. 
Are you focused on details and accuracy? How do you handle responsibility?

Always finding better ways

We are at the forefront of innovation in finance.
Tell us about the last time you have improved something? How do you manage change?

Stronger Together    

We believe that our diverse employees are the force behind our success.  
When was the last time you had a chance to work in a team?


Global Force Local Citizen


We make our mark in many ways. Environment. Social Changes. Inclusion.
What is important for you, what drives you?

Before the interview

  1. Plan ahead - our interviews could be on the phone, held virtually or in-person. Your interview confirmation email will include the date, time, location address and who you will be meeting or details of an online meeting. Make sure to be on time and check your telephone/video connections to avoid any last-minute technical difficulties. 
  2. Be smart in your appearance, even if it is a phone interview you will feel more confident in something that you would wear to work. If it is a video interview make sure your background environment is tidy as well.
  3. Be prepared - rehearse your answers to the most popular questions. Print or have available your CV/Resume, job description and any notes you made based on these tips. 
  4. Think of questions you have for us. It is important to ask questions that are important to you about our role, our culture and our business.

More research resources

​​​​​​To find out more on State Street and to help you prepare, follow these links to gain a better understanding about our impact on the financial industry:
This is State Street We’re at the heart of financial services. And our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We develop solutions to meet their challenges. We recruit the best. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to help them seize new opportunities
ESG Investing
The strength of our organization is directly tied to the success of our employees, investors, clients and global communities. By championing our core values, we continue to infuse ESG practices into our business, as well as the products and services that support our clients.
Ideas and Research There’s no shortage of published information about the investment industry. Zeroing in on what’s relevant to investors — while it’s still relevant — is the challenge. We’re frequently adding new industry research and articles to our library. 

Good luck with your interview!